Funeral Chic

by Funeral Chic

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CS release through Funeral Chic & 13th Floor Records (North America) and Headless Guru Records (Europe)

Vinyl format available through Headfirst! Records


released April 20, 2014

Written and performed by Funeral Chic (See also; a collective of pissed off junkies that aren't high enough for your shit anymore.)

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Rick Contes.
Vocal tracking sessions by Landis Pearce.



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Funeral Chic

Quit Life

Funeral Chic

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Track Name: Good Fucking Riddance
I'm so glad your generation is dying off. Bullshit tradition. Your outdated views. Old white money, safe in your pews. Hell for you, war on Christ. Enlist today. Don't hold my head underwater when I swim like a fucking stone. No hope for me. Don't pray for me, I will have my peace.
Track Name: Hood Collector
Traded the sheets for badges and clubs. Burning crosses for your novel of hate and sieg heil to your separatist God. Every hood will be collected. Should the head remain, a justice is served. Understand the difference between punishment and hatred is mercy and justice: the tools which bring the hammer down on the holiest lawmen. When law is flawed, arm the people, shoot the pigs, mute the leaders. Violence is the only answer.
Track Name: Targeted
There is no more togetherness. Wrapped up in your mindless aggression, it’s so easy to be strong and pointless when you’ve lost track of our common enemy. There is no more togetherness. We are the target. Hang from a chain. The suits and ties that use your love for your fellow man to manipulate your focus. Give your life for the lover of a stranger in their burning home. That death is absolute freedom. To live and die selfless, hated and free. We are the target, hanging from a chain. A life given and taken for a better life. A death threat, a downward spiral. We are the counterproduct
Track Name: Humanity Abandoned
Remove all the claws straight from your flesh and tear them from the limbs that violate you. Man is the ultimate harborer of hate, unrest and violence unto itself. Another inhumane display of power. Resistance voided. Humanity abandoned. Should it speak ill, take it’s breath. Should it lunge, take it’s hands. Should it mentally enslave, break it’s fucking neck.
Track Name: Death Celebrated
A brick for every goddamn sheet of stained glass. A flame for every page by which a war was carried out. A noose for every holy man and warrior enlisted under the guise of freedom. A brick for every glass. A flame for every page. a noose for every man. A dance for every death. Because there is already a home, a special place in hell just for me and I’ve been here for years: for every stone that you cast, your death will be celebrated and we’ll dance on your grave.