Hatred Swarm

by Funeral Chic

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Recorded by Rick Contes//Birthwave Studios.
Mastered by Brad Boatright//Audiosiege
Artwork by Joey Stone
Additional guitars on Humanity Abandoned by A. Melvin

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released September 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Funeral Chic

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Funeral Chic

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Track Name: Shade
Dragging every fucking chain, cold and fucking pointless, 'til my hands bleed a trail. Until I beat my knuckles bare. I want nothing, I feel nothing. Only constant disappointment and a step that's hard and cruel. I want shelter, I want shade.

Every breath is like pushing anvils from my chest.

Sleeping with an anxious tremor. It holds me and it speaks for me. Pain is all I have in life. Take your shelter, find your shade underneath the reaper's hood.

I want nothing. Life is the enemy.
Track Name: Hatred Swarm
Cut them off at the knees. Show them all what's like to be drained of their blood, laying cold in their very own chalkline.

A debt they owe that must be paid in blood in order to understand what is wrong. Bankrolled by the ones they put in bags. Snitches, killers and thieves. No good deed, no vision of safety, no will to serve, no will to protect.

Hatred swarm o'er me.

May they bleed you out until the white in your flag and the blue in your suit run the deepest shade of red, 'til no more blood is left.
Track Name: Ugly
I hereby elect to maintain every right to every fucking word I spit in your face. My language does not represent a lack of proper form, but an abundance of anger. I'll be the ugly that you want from me. Ugly like you know I am. I am here to piss and moan until broken is my tired jaw.
Track Name: Down From The Branches
I took a dive headlong into the path at my left. What I am now can't rest in comfort in the same flesh as what I used to be.

A part of me has got to die. A part of me is marked for death. They're both fighting for relief, to be the one that breaks the chain.

Like a vulture and a prayer, to show it's wretched hand as a man prepares to die. I reject this spiritual debt.

So that you know I exist and so that you know I am real, I will bleed on every branch on my way into the ground.
Track Name: Roots Of Bad
Embedded into my torment. Rooted into my soul. I am beaten and cornered like the ugliest animal stripped of its home.

Born and bred like a dog without enough rope. I am lonely and hated and kicked and left in the street. Time. Fear. Anger. A world of pain.

Time has made me a shell, Fear has made me aware. Anger has made me a threat in a world of pain that belongs to me.

I am survived by the idea that I am to be a thorn in every side of creation and every one that I'll see in hell. This world has made me a dangerous man in all the same ways that smoke will put you in the fucking dirt.
Track Name: True Punishment
Burn the olive branch we extent to the finger pointing generation. Future denied, holy roller. Holding the nail and dropping the hammer.

Should the holy fall with a thunderous roar in an empty plot. Should the great power shift from the hands of the law. Should luck permit the hammer fall on an empty chamber, will we suffer for them or will we suffer them too?

War on the salt of the earth. War on the lives of the young. Will echo throughout time, true punishment.
Track Name: Hard Wind
Only a cold hard wind blows. Feel the rain cut through your skin. It's on its way. For your disregard of the human spirit. This is your consequence and you will greet it. This is the path you sow and you will reap it. Hard winds will blow for you. You disrespect the few that keep your pockets full. They too hold you in contempt. A hard wind will blow for you.
Track Name: Humanity Abandoned
Rip every claw straight from your flesh and tear them from the limbs that violate you. Man is the ultimate harborer of hate, unrest and violence unto itself. Another inhumane display of power. Resistance voided. Humanity abandoned. Should it speak ill, take it’s breath. Should it lunge, take it’s hands.

Another inhumane display of power. Should it mentally enslave, break it’s fucking neck.
Track Name: Ready To Die
Born in a choke with an internal war. The burden of inherited life. I am ready to die. Devoid of hope. Realest of pain. Reign of depression. Born alone. Born at war. Born in tears. Birthed into suffering. By every light, may true black reign.
Track Name: Unspeakable Acts
Scratched out. Rejected like a severed limb, poorly reattached in a fever. I need incentive to grab life by the throat and hold and squeeze until I see better days. Will our children be forced to answer for our crimes against the world? When their last rites are read, what will they say of our unspeakable acts? Guilty verdict. Mercy denied.